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In the UK, billboards are measured in “sheets”. Each sheet is roughly 50cm × 76cm. That’s somewhere between A1 and A2 paper, as a point of comparison.

Probably the three most common sizes of billboard are:

  • 6-sheets – these are found on bus stops, outside supermarkets, and other places where space is at a premium and where they’re likely to be viewed up-close. They’re almost always portrait, and are about 1.2m × 1.8m in size.

  • 48-sheets – what most people think of as a billboard. Generally positioned by the side of a road, they’re about 6m × 3m in size.

  • 96-sheets – the same height as a 48-sheet, but twice as long; about 12m × 3m. Often found by the side of busy roads.

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Also known as: 6-sheet, 48-sheet, 96-sheet
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